Further details on any work can be found by clicking on the title. PDF files can be purchased on this site, and will be shared via email. For paper copies and other information, please contact the composer.

for chamber ensemble

for solo instrument/voice with piano

for unaccompanied solo instrument/voice

for piano

for dance

  • "...but it must be lived forwards" ​(2018) - for five horns and five dancers. Choreography by Ginny Wheeler
  • GEometric (2018) - for solo percussion and dancer. Choreography by Ginny Wheeler
  • FOMO (2018) - for choreographed solo horn and dancer. Choreography by Lydia McDonald
  • And floats forever (2018) - for piano and dancer. Choreography by Amy Hoàng
  • Keeley's Mirror (2018) - for two pianos and dancer. Choreography by Keeley Dunnam

for large ensemble

for electronics​​

  • Dawn(2011) - fixed media