Further details on any work can be found by clicking on the title. For purchasing, performing, or commissioning music, please contact the composer.

for chamber ensemble

for solo instrument/voice with piano

for unaccompanied solo instrument/voice

for piano

for dance

  • "...but it must be lived forwards" ​(2018) - for five horns and five dancers. Choreography by Ginny Wheeler
  • GEometric (2018) - for solo percussion and dancer. Choreography by Ginny Wheeler
  • FOMO (2018) - for choreographed solo horn and dancer. Choreography by Lydia McDonald
  • And floats forever (2018) - for piano and dancer. Choreography by Amy Hoàng
  • Keeley's Mirror (2018) - for two pianos and dancer. Choreography by Keeley Dunnam

for large ensemble

  • Symphony, "the Rockies" (2010-15) - for small orchestra (2222-2221-timp-strings)
  • Summit(2010-12) - for small orchestra (2122-2221-timp-strings) [Revised as first movement of Symphony]

for electronics​​

  • Dawn(2011) - fixed media